I am a licensed sales agent in Florida. I will make a list to sell a business opportunity to TX (TX does not need a license for the business opportunities of my research), but the seller also wants to sell the property. I don`t have a license in Texas. Can my broker enter into an agreement with a broker in Texas for the referral of the commercial property and receive a referral fee for it? Please advise. Thank you very much. Let`s say you get a registration meeting on your own broker`s internal lead generation, complete the registration presentation, execute the signup agreement, and then be contacted by an out-of-state agent (relative of your new client) who asks for a referral fee. This parent did not make the recommendation and had no contact with me until AFTER registration. I explained that she had not given me the trace and that she had only accepted this fact to complain to my client (her uncle). Now the customer asks for the referral fee. So, on the American side, it is not legal to pay a bank transfer to a person without a license. Since referrals have to go through brokers and unlicensed people do not have brokers, this is not something that can happen. However, since you`re not authorized in the U.S.

(I think I read that right?), paying someone on the U.S. side would technically only be a private transaction between two people. You`ll want to be careful here, private transactions like this are getting terribly close to unlicensed real estate activities, which is a big no-no in the United States. So, if I was a property manager before becoming a licensed broker and I wanted to sell such a property that I associated with a broker friend. Now I am licensed with Keller Williams, and the property sold and a friend would like to give me a referral fee, but there has never been a written contract. How do I proceed? I am happy to help you, first of all a question of clarification. Are you a licensed real estate agent? Are you selling this property yourself or on behalf of another person? Thank you for the question. A real estate lawyer will be the best way. Depending on the condition of the property in question, if you want to use a licensed broker, you will pay him at least one page of commission, which is not necessary for you since you will not put this property on the market.

The way to think about it is to treat it as an FSBO transaction. You already have a buyer, no need to put the property on the market, you just need to lubricate the wheels of the deed transfer. Before you even involve the real estate lawyer, you may want to contact a local title firm to see what they have to say. They might have even cheaper alternatives for you. Thank you for the thoughtful, thorough and timely response. Their openness and insight are greatly appreciated! Even if it`s crap, it makes sense. I mean, if they bought a house instead of being rented, and then decided to buy another house 18 months later, you wouldn`t expect a cut from that second home, so if it`s not dictated in the deal itself, it`s probably not realistic to expect part of the second transaction, regardless of that. what the first one really was. Agents use a reference fee contract when a real estate professional is unable to meet their client`s request. The request may be outside the agent`s domain or the agent may not provide the service that the customer needs. I am a licensed agent, my license is hung up on a reference company.

I am also a blogger. Can I write about real estate-related topics on my blog? And what are some of the ways for me to get real estate sales leads so I can hand them over to my reference company and make money? Keep in mind, however, that I started this answer with “Technical.” Although this is the letter of the law, if you apply the common sense test-what-is-the-right-thing-to-do, most brokers will pay this agent. An agent did the job, made the recommendation, but is short-circuited by the brokerage company on the commission, will talk to other agents. This kind of reputation will spread in the agent community, something brokers don`t want. Question. What is the Act respecting transfers between a broker and a construction agent? The construction agent referred the client to the broker to sell 3 houses for the client. Would it be illegal for manufacturer agents to receive a referral fee? Thank you for your thoughts. Looks like your friend earned some of that commission because he made the connection between you and the agent, sorry that didn`t happen.. .